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MEDPAK TYVEK Sterilization Rolls

Product Description:

▲ Material: clean transparent PE/PET film + TYVEK (100% high-density polyethylene fibers).

▲ Suitable for H2O2 plasma, gamma and EO gas sterilizations.

▲ Indicators printed let you know whether sterilization be finished and what sterilization it is. It will turn purple red after H2O2 plasma sterilization.

▲ The rolls can be used in hospitals, clinic, dental and others. They are recommended for high valuable medical devices.

▲ Get any length for pouches as you required.

Storage Methods:

Stored in a cool, dry and clean place. Temperature: 10-40℃, relative humidity: 30%-60%.

Shelf life:

3 years for normal storage. The valid period will be 180 days after sterilization.

Product standard:

ISO 11140-1, ISO 11607, EN868.

Application Method:

▲ Adjust sealing machine to get the good sealing temperature. Recommended sealing temperature:110℃~130℃

▲ Cut proper length of the sterilization rolling pouch.

▲ Level one end of the pouch and put it in the sealer machine to seal.

▲ Fill the pouches with items to be sterilized.

▲ Level the other end of the pouch and put it in the sealer machine to seal it too. Please note. To peel easily, it should be left 25mm~35mm between the sealing edge and the edge of the pouch.

Application notice:

▲ The indicator is used to distinguish between processed and unprocessed units.

▲ Do not use if the pouch is damaged.