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MEDPAK Sterilization Pouch (Self-Sealing)

Product Description:

▲ Material: clean transparent CPP/PET film, medical grade paper and adhesive strip.

▲ Suitable for steam and ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization. With indicators of steam (turn ash black after steam sterilization.) and EO gas (turn brown after EO sterilization).

▲ Indicators printed let you know whether sterilization is finished and what sterilization it is.

▲ 200 pouches per box; no machine request, so ideal for low value users.

▲ Easily sealed by hand. Using self-adhesive strip.

▲ The pouches can be used be in hospitals, clinic, dental and others.

Storage methods:

Stored in a cool, dry and clean place. Temperature: 10-40℃, relative humidity: 30%-60%.

Shelf life:

3 years for normal storage. The valid period will be 180 days after steam and EO sterilization.

Product standard:

ISO 11140-1, ISO 11607, EN868.

Application Method:

▲ Put the clean and dry equipment into the pouch, tear the stick paper, stick and close the pouch, marking the detailed information.

▲ The equipment should be less than 3/4 size of the pouch. In order to make the sterilization factor circulate successfully, make the pouch upright when sterilizing.

Application notice:

▲ The indicator is used to distinguish between processed and unprocessed units.

▲ Do not use if the pouch is damaged.